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Natural Playgrounds

Preliminary Natural Playground Design

We are one of the leading experts in the design and development of innovative, environmental, fun and beautiful natural playgrounds and outdoor learning classrooms for schools, childcare centres, and communities across North America.

We explore your site in depth; develop an awareness for natural systems and features of each site in order to come up with a rich diversity of play and learning opportunities. We include elements suitable for specific age groups, giving children a chance to improve their motor skills and develop social skills, experience risks and test their boundaries without exposure to hazard.

The result are natural playgrounds with open ended play experiences that encourages imagination and creative play while meeting the emotional cognitive and physical needs of children.

Selected Natural Playgrounds

The following galleries provide a quick overview of our work. For more projects use the navigation links above.

natural playgrounds

Innovative Natural Playscape Design

Most school-yard playgrounds provide limited opportunities for social, creative and intellectual development of our children. While site specific opportunities and constraints will dictate the most appropriate playground components, we will explore opportunities for the full range of play opportunities on the site including the following broad classes;

  • Large Play and Social Gathering Spaces – Large enough to accommodate group gatherings, class events
  • Small Passive Play Areas – Intimate spaces separated from large, noisy, active play areas
  • Hard and Soft Play Surfaces – Open space for games and active play
  • Sheltered / Natural Areas – For quiet play
  • Learning and Creative Spaces – Such as gardens or a performance stage
  • Connecting Spaces – Trails and paths that connect activities and become activities in themselves

natural playgrounds

Site Safety

Playground safety is always a primary concern for our clients:

  • Playground boredom often leading to inappropriate use of existing facilities
  • Critical fall injuries and equipment deterioration / inspection issues
  • Safe multi-season play opportunities
  • Issues regarding supervision and visibility
  • Lack of shade for comfort and protection from the sun
  • Limited range of play facilities resulting in aggressive play and bullying

natural playgrounds

An Inclusive Play / Learning Environment

Our goal is to create playscapes which provide opportunities for all children regardless of physical, cognitive, emotional or psychological ability. All of our playground designs meet or exceed Canadian Standards Association (CSA-Z614) playground safety standards and adhere to “Annex H” guidelines for children’s play space accessibility. We are proud to be an OPA Accredited Accessibility Practitioner for children’s play spaces.