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Playground Design Competitions

13 Acres International Schoolyard Design Competition

Playground Design Competition

The 13-Acres International Playground Design Competition was motivated by the question, why are we designing schoolyards that could barely entertain a chimpanzee? The question was answered with 254 entries from 32 countries around the globe.

The schoolyard site was located in East Clayton, a sustainable community planned for 13,000 people, in Surrey, British Columbia located between Vancouver and the US border. The University of Guelph, School of Landscape Architecture playground design submission explored the schoolyard as a site for ecological rejuvenation, expression and education.

The design combines indoor and outdoor classrooms, play spaces, parkland, forests and community gardens and facilities together on one site. The Play Program integrated a wide range of social, physical, cognitive and emotional play opportunities into the schoolyard.

“Extreme Golf” Quarry Rehabilitation Design Competition

Playground Design Competition

Imagine golf without all the antiquated traditions, without manicured fairways, stringent rules and proper attire. Now picture golf like this: meadows, forests and adrenaline combined in a game of speed and accuracy. Extreme Golf provides younger golf enthusiasts an alternative to the limited access, rigid structure and prohibitive cost of traditional golf in an environment where people and nature coexist.

This environmentally sustainable design provides an alternative to traditional golf courses dependent on fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation. Based on the growing popularity of U.X. Open – Alternative Golf Tournament, the course layout exposes players to a wide range of natural obstacles and challenging terrains.

The course features unmown meadows and forest instead of fairways, with ‘goals’ scored on temporary greens (a circle 20 feet in diameter). In order to allow the landscape to regenerate, the goals are periodically moved; creating a dynamic course that is never the same .