Thunder Bay District Housing

Thunder Bay District Housing – Natural Playground / Bicycle Pump Track

The existing facilities at Limbrick Place and 288 Windsor Rd were badly neglected and subject to rampant vandalism and disrepair. They were also the primary recreational amenity for a large number of children and youth. Early on in the community outreach process the need for robust and engaging play facilities for older children and youth was identified as a significant need. The Regional Multicultural Youth Council had previously identified several strategies to engage children and youth in violence including erecting graffiti walls to encourage creativity, promote youth engagement, and prevent vandalism. Several graffiti walls were incorporated into the design.

A bicycle pump track was installed in order to provide a recreation asset that youth could maintain and manipulate. One of the highlights of the project was when a parent remarking that their child played on the pump track every day – she said “the change was remarkable because her child was autistic and generally didn’t like to play outdoors with other kids before”.

Limbrick Place

Mike’s design provided a cost saving measure of incorporating the existing conventional equipment with natural concept that included an amphitheatre, rack maze, snakes and ladder painting in paved area, bicycle pump track, rock seating area…
In summary, I would definitely recommend Earthartist Planning and Design without hesitation their expertise and knowledge with information technology has enabled them to develop an innovative design concept.

–Wendy McLean, Technical Services Officer. Thunder Bay District Housing Corporation

288 Windsor St.