Natural Playground Construction Services

Step 4 – Achieve Your Vision: On Time and On Budget

Natural Playground Construction Services

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There are several options available for the construction of your natural playground. Whether you choose to build the project yourself, want to hire a professional contractor or would prefer us to take on the responsibility to build your playground we can help.

Community Build

If your organisation has a strong volunteer base we can help you engage your community directly in the process of developing and installing your natural playground with specialised construction documents and professional project management. With the community build option your organisation can claim a larger sense of involvement, a deeper sense of ownership, and help foster a stronger bond within your group.

Professional Construction

Considered by many construction professionals as the best way to ensure a quality product at a competitive price, traditional bid-build construction provides you with maximum flexibility, ability to negotiate and reduce costs and reduce risk during the construction phase of the project. With this method contractors are invited to submit a sealed bid for the construction phase of the project and we work with you to select, hire and manage the project to completion. Given our experience in the design and construction of natural playgrounds we can help pre-select qualified and capable contractors with the necessary expertise and proven track record to ensure your natural playground is safe, accessible and exactly what you expected. We can take on the entire process from start to finish as a single-point of responsibility or you can take on an active role in the selection and management of the contractors – the choice is up to you.

Alternative to Design-Build

Clients seeking to avoid all the potential risks associated with design-build construction might consider an Integrated Project Delivery model. Under this approach, we provide full service to the owner, taking responsibility for managing the subcontractors, consultants and vendors, and involving them throughout the project, start to finish, from design through construction. Our role shifts during the project, from designer to site supervisor (effectively taking the role of a general contractor), but we monitor the project vision, and are able to call upon the subcontractors’ construction expertise throughout.

Design-Build Construction

We DO NOT recommend design-build approach (where the same company is responsible for design development and construction of the project) for a number of key reasons:

  • The contractor is deciding on design issues as well as issues related to cost, profits and time exigencies and can lead to serious conflict of interest, increased costs and lower quality design;
  • Design–build does not make use of competitive bidding where prospective builders bid on the same design increasing project costs due to the elimination of the low bid contractor selection criteria;
  • Criteria to select contractor is subjective and difficult to evaluate and to justify later;
  • The design and price selected arouses public suspicion, whether true or not;
  • Design-Build firms very often subcontract the majority of the actual construction work to local construction firms, side stepping the benefits of competitive bidding;
  • Undermines the inherent checks and balances between design and construction teams in the traditional delivery systems, with the design team no longer independent of the construction contractor.

We believe that the designer, rather than a construction professional, is a better advocate for the client or project owner and/or that by representing different perspectives and remaining in their separate spheres, designers and builders ultimately create better playgrounds.