Design Brief

Natural Playground Design Brief

Step 1 – Graphically Communicate Playground Design Vision

Natural Playground Design Brief

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The design brief brings together all aspects of the playground vision – ideas, hopes, intentions, and learning objectives together with a comprehensive analysis of the existing playground to inform the detail design of the new facilities.

  • In depth analysis of the existing facilities
    • Physical site aspects including micro climate analysis
    • Evaluation of existing play facilities including a property maintenance audit
  • Comprehensive engagement of all stakeholders
    • Educators and administrators
    • Staff (including maintenance personnel)
    • Parents, and sometimes the community at large
    • And of course… the children / users
  • Development of a vision to communicate broad play and learning opportunities
    • Visually show locations on site for potential play amenities
    • Character images to communicate form and written description of proposed changes

This is a critical step in bringing everyone together behind the proposal an ensuring that stakeholders understand the potential outcome of the design process. It is intended to inspire supporters and encourage discussion. The design brief can also be used to generate support for a playground redevelopment proposal and be used for playground fundraising and playground grant proposals.

Samples of various styles of Natural Playground Design Brief