Playground Concept

Natural Playground Concept Development

Step 2 – Realistic 3D Modelling of Your New Playground Design

The playground concept stage represents a point in the design process where your natural playground has been conceptually worked out. That means that the approximate size, shape, style of elements have been calculated, materials have been selected and any conventional equipment you may want to include in the design have been specified. At this point accurate cost estimates can be developed and detailed visualisations of the finished project can be generated.

Right from the beginning we design our playgrounds utilising leading edge 3D modeling software. With this approach both our designers and our clients can virtually walk through the design and really get a feel for how the playground will look and feel. We are also able to accurately predict and design for subtle changes in shade and microclimate within the playground rather than second guess the solar conditions during different times of the year (and different times of the day for that matter)

The final design of your playground may change as you move into detail design and construction however the intent and general appearance of the playground will likely remain consistent with the Natural Playground Concept.

Samples of various Natural Playground Concepts