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Natural Playground Construction Documents

Step 3 – Comprehensive Playground Construction Documents

Natural Playground Design - Construction Documents

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The Detail Design phase is principally concerned with the process of transforming the natural playground concept into a set of construction documents including playground detail drawings, notes, and technical specifications necessary for bidding, construction, and various permit applications as required.

These documents are vital to ensure the design intent is achieved and to guarantee quality and safety of the finished product. No project should be built without the security afforded by quality construction documents.

Having a fully licensed Landscape Architect on your side during the bidding phase of construction is of great advantage to you. At minimum, we can aid you in developing a list of qualified contractors for your bid list and submitting bid packages to bidders. But we can also review submitted bids, provide analysis, and help you compare the cost figures that you receive from your bidders.

playground detail drawings

Samples of various Natural Playground Detail Drawings